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hello all , im stuck . i took my friends laptpop which was conected to a wireless network and was connected fine, the reason i took it was that he had a worm virus and other problems with it.i reinstalled windows xp sp2 downloaded all the drivers from the manufactures website(medion uk)while at my house the wireless manager found my router which is wep 10 digit and connected fine.when i took it back to his house and tried to find wireless network it wasnt finding any so i tried to add the network manualy .after adding the ssid and unchecking(the key is added for me automaticly)the wep will only exept 23 digits(i need 26) i have tried to update the wireless drivers to no avail,also i cannot gain acess to the router settings i.e( his whole network is provided to him by his company as he somtimes works from home and they have passworded the router and by rights are not willing to provide him with the router password.they have told him that they have not made any changes to the router settings and provided him with the ssid and wep (26 digits ) the funny thing is his works laptop will find the ssid and log on but his personal laptop wont find the ssid nor will mine or his iphone or my ipod touch.any ideas imput or help in this matter would be a great help....thank you for your time........
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  1. If you are currently trying to use Windows Zero Config you may find that using the utilities provided by the wireless adapter manufacturer instead avoids the problem you are having.

    Or vice versa.

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