How to increase amd phenom ii p960 cpu speed

is possible to increase the speed of the cpu in my laptop HP g7 with amd phenom ii p960?, thanks.
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  1. No .. Not recomemmend, just stay in tune, add ram size will better also registry cleaner
  2. Your best option is to

    1) Download Revo Uninstaller and uninstall everything except drivers. (Note: Revo is free and also deletes crap from the registry when it uninstalls a program.) If you accidently uninstall the drivers, you can just go to and download only what you need. The computer will still run without the drivers, just some features will be absent.
    2) Double your RAM. Go to and make sure you have at least 4gb of RAM.
    3) Remove the hard drive and install an SSD.

    That's about all you can do, but the first option is free!
  3. Oh, go to to get the Revo program. (Don't waste money on the Pro edition.)
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