Phenom 2 550BE unlocked build


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, schoolwork,movies,internet

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse, keyboard, speakers

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: since i live in new zealand




ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: this site has reported success in unlocking the phenom 2's disabled cores on this mobo and would also try this out myself, if it doesnt work, no big

AMD Phenom II X2 550 black edition 3.1ghz
Asus M4A78T-E AM3 DDR3 AMD 790GX
Corsair TW3X4G1333C9 4GB (2x XMS3 2GB) PC-10600 (1333MHz) XMP DDR3 RAM, 2x240-pin DIMMs, Non ECC Unbuffered, 9-9-9-24
monitor: asus VW223T 22" widescreen 5ms
case: cooler master elite 331
psu: cooler master eXtreme 650w psu
hdd: western digital caviar 1TB sata 7200rpm 32m
gpu: HIS hd4850
optical drive: Samsung SH-S223D 22X DVDRW SATA Black Double Layer DVD Drive
cpu HSF: gigabyte volar(supports both socket sets)

NZD$1284.90 USD$827.93 GBP£506.94

i have been researching for months so anything you could improve would be appreciated. at the moment i think this is the best bank for the buck i could get here in new zealand. look around pconlineshop and see if you can spot anything better.

thanks in advance as i need to go to sleep, im living on the other side of the world lol :sleep:

forgot to mention, i will be using windows 7 ultimate RC 32-bit until windows 7 fully comes out, by then i will buy an OEM of win7 home premium 64-bit
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  1. anyone?........ i guess i should have called it "yet another corei7 build" to get more hits, i expected better from tom's :(
  2. you can do better with the RAM . For 1333 MHz the timings of that corsair are very ordinary

    Look for something with timings of 7-7-7-20 on the website

    Ive heard a few complaints about pconline . Corner cutting , warranty issues etc . And they charge so much for shipping that they often are not cheap
    Only buy from them if you can walk in to the shop IMO
  3. thanks for the advice on the timings.
    i have bought from pconline before and they dont seem too bad, i dont need shipping it's only $6 for postage.
    ill look for some ram with those timings on pricespy, any reccomended shops you could think of/have bought from?
  4. Buy from ComputerLounge, you're only getting yourself in trouble buying from the cheap asian stores.
  5. hmm i might just stick with the ram i chose since its fast enough for me and i probably wouldnt notice the difference. as for the shop, computer lounge is hella expensive. pc online is good enough. i can always return parts that are faulty as stated on their site, if i get ripped off i can consult fair go lol.
  6. thanks, might buy from pbtech, checked all other parts on pricespy though an it says pconline is the cheapest(well close to it) id like to keep purchases to one company for simplicities sake.

    note: i have already ordered the cooler master 331 case

    may be ordering psu from
  7. after buying from the really budget places [ which all seem to be run by people who dont speak english that well , dont know what a warranty is , and dont mind ignoring you once they have your money in the family bank in China ]

    I am very careful about who I buy from .

    My last computer came from about 6 different suppliers and it was confusing . It also didnt save that much so theres a bit of wisdon in buying from one shop ... and asking them to match the best price because you are buying a complete system .

    good luck
  8. thanks, i might call pc online before i buy the main components(motherboard etc.) and have a chat. they are also a recommended retailer on pricespy. i think the smartest way to go would be to order parts 1 by 1 to ensure quality and so i could also purchase from another company if for example the case i ordered arrives damaged
  9. The only real list of recommended retailers is here:

    2 stars... good luck with that.
  10. wow thanks for the link! never knew that thread existed. im gonna have a look at those retailers now
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