Pure insanity.... dual 1366

I havnt seen a thread on this so far, and iv been looking at it for a few days in shock so i will share.

Thats right fellows, dual 1366 sockets on an EVGA board. (and yes it can overclock).

Looks like it sports dual voltage readpoints aswell.

"There is the usual 24-pin ATX power socket as well as three six-pin and two four-pin aux power sockets."

Of course shamino has gotton a hold of it already for some vantage action:


This board supports dual NB's dual nf200 and dual independent 6 dimm slots. Did i mention it can overclock like a classified?

Im assuming it will cost ~$800 though. [:mousemonkey:4] But it does kick my e760's arse!

Have fun benching!
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  1. nice, its too bad the server dual LGA1366 don't support OC'ing as the intel 5520 supports crossfire
    there is a board i have been looking at for a workstation with 18 ddr3 dimm slots for 144GB memory max (i will use 72)

    btw, what GPU's are those that take 3 x 6 pin pci-e
  2. I bet solitare don't lag.
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