Adding a GeForce 8400 PCIe video card to a ECS P4M900T mobo - help. Help! HELP!

Hi all.

What should be the simplest of tasks is sending me crazy.

I have a PC based on an ECS P4M900T-M2 motherboard. I've been using it for about a year using the on-board GPU. But now I want to add a second monitor so I bought a PNY 8400GS PCIe card to go into the PCIe slot on the m/board.

Should be easy, no?

But when I add the extra graphics card I just get a black screen. The PC does not even get as far the BIOS POST. If I take the graphics card out the PC boots ok.

The only relevant setting in the BIOS I can find sets the "init display first" to either PCI (eh?) or PCI Express Card. I've tried both of those but that setting makes no difference.

How the hootin' heck do I add a second monitor / video card to a P4M900T-M2 motherboard???
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  1. Did you disable the onboard video card in the "device manager"?
  2. The words "device manager" imply Windows, yes? (or, heck, any OS)

    It's not even getting to POST so "device managers" don't come into it.
  3. Most motherboards with built in graphics automagically sense the presence of a discrete graphics card.

    Test the card in another computer to make sure it's bad.

    But look. System works fine without the card. With the card, the system doesn't even (successfully or not) complete the POST. This is a "Duh!" moment. :D
  4. Hi jsc. I already tried the card in another PC - works fine.

    And this afternoon I tried another PCIe card (from a different PC) in this PC - same result - black screen :-(

    I'm not sure it's a "duh" moment as a bang-my-head-against-the-wall monent :)
  5. no... while using the onboard video card, disable the card in device manager... the your screen should black... then shut down your computer... start it back up with the 9400gt in it...
    P.S. Make sure your computer is set up so if you just push the power button on the case, it will shut down.
  6. I got the answer direct from the motherboard manufacturer....

    >ECS Support (TPE) Posted : GMT 2010/01/15 07:13:26
    >Dear Sir,
    >Thanks for contacting us!
    >As I know, Geforce 8400GS is belong to Gen2.0/2.5 graphics card, but VIA
    >P4M900 chipset just supports Gen1.0 graphics card, it means this board
    >unable to run your card. Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience!!
    >Best regards
    >Technical Support Dept

    Sadly you simply cannot run the 8400GS graphics card with the P4M900T motherboard.

    So now I have to buy another damn motherboard :-(
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