Mobo hard drive problem Need Help fast

So i have phenom ii x4 955 BE and msi 870a fuzion mobo
the chipset is 770
now i have a hitachi sata 6gbs hdd 2tb and it wont show up in my
same with my second intel 40gb ssd
computer but will in device
manager is this a windows 7 32bit problem or what
i do have 32bit
and will it support 2tb hdds or what and with win 7 64bit will it recognize 2 2tb hdd and 2 1tb hdd and 2 ssds
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  1. Review this thread and follow the steps listed, which should get your drives to show up in "My Computer".
  2. i followed the guide and it says to right click on the drive and pick new simple volume its grayed out and cant click it what should i do
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    Did you right-click the gray area that contains the disk title at the left of the Disk Management details panel? This is where you need to right mouse click versus the bar.
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