GigaByte GA-Z68A-D3-B3

GigaByte GA-Z68A-D3-B3

Hey guys, im new to overclocking and can't find a guide or how figure out how to overclock my i5 2500k to 4.5 ghz. Anyone know how to in BIOS or know of a guide?
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  1. That doesnt help or work, and that is a P67 guide.
  2. hellinchaos said:
    That doesnt help or work, and that is a P67 guide.

    THIS IS A CPU OC, NOT MOBO OC SO MOST LIKELY THE CPU WILL BE OCed AND NOT THE MOBO WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE... The CPU is your main point of this THREAD so THE MOBO DOES NOT MATTER UNLESS YOU GOT A CHEAP MOBO... You want to OC the CPU, Not any other parts of the MoBo so dont even bother saying different board is different CPU.. OC is so simple, on the Cluck's OC guide, all you do is "RAISE"(Get it?) Multiplier and voltage and do some little tweeks, What's so hard about that between Z68 and P67 or what's the different that the P67 dont have that Z68 has?
  3. I can tell you other wise!, i just bought a new gigabyte z68 ud4 -b3...and i had the very same problem, along with many others!.

    Some people have had great luck with these things..yet i dont think there over clocking too much.

    What i found with a 2600k was no way of getting it up to 4.4-4.5 with out raising the voltage to 1.4 ! which created way to much heat under the cooler, like upper 70's range under full load in prime 95, not that its critical, its just that many other brands are offering much higher OC's and much lower voltages. Not to mention no lucid virtu.

    Alos there seems to be some kind of 'cold boot cycle' problem these boards are having..check newegg reviews, you will see, your not alone with these gigabyte z68 UD series boards.

    I was luckyenough to spot it really early and returned the board back sharpish!.

    Even though i didn't buy the best Z68 board out there, which seems to be the ASROCK series for some reason..i stuck to the safe Norm and bought ASUS.

    The quality, features, contence packaging, OC'ing is where it should always be..some where up on top!.

    i Just got this p8z68-v pro up and running tonight, with the smart response installed. so i have the little 32 gig SSD caching the 1.5 T..but i will say, dont use the maximus settings, use the enhanced !, i had a crash whilst just doing some simple OC'ing and lost my OS! second time round, i made a recovery image on my storage drive before messing around!.

    Virtu lucid is installed, updated the latest version off the website..just waiting to do my OWN bench marks, as ive read mixed reports on it under achieving on FPS instead of Enhancing FPS..yet on some sites ive read it has improved FPS.

    OC'ing, im sitting at the 4.4 right now stable, with 0 voltage hassle, plenty of head room there! and my XMP profile is putting out over 1900 fsb with a 103 adjustment to the blck setting.

    So far, im happy, id be alot more happy with the ASROCK extreme 4 series..just didn't want to wait for a shipping hassle.

    temps with my h60 false water cooler are settled in the upper 50's which at 4.4 is far far better than the Gigabyte ud4 b3 that i returned.

    Bottom line is...i fell for the matt black board and the jap caps and 2 OZ copper.

    im sure many others will too.

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