Help needed choosing hdd and/or ssd

Just bought this pc, was going to build a SB pc but saw this for cheap so thought I'd get it while I wait for bulldozer and intels next cpus


WD 1.5TB Caviar Green

Asus P5Q Deluxe

6gb (2 x 2gb, 2 x 1gb) OCZ Platinum 800mhz

700w Jeantech storm modular psu

Asus 5870 1gb

Was thinking of selling the 1.5tb hdd and getting two Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 and put them in raid 0. I don't need much space so was thinking of getting a ssd, maybe an OCZ Technology 120GB Vertex 2 but they're quite expensive at €185 and I could get two Samsungs for under €100.

I use my pc for gaming mostly then the internet, watcing films and listening to music.

With the 1.5tb loading windows is quite slow, think its only 5400rpm so would the two samsungs in raid be fast enough for my needs or should I save up for a ssd? And any advice on which ssd would be great too
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    If you don't need that much space, why not pick up just two Samsung Spinpoint F4 320 GB drives? They are faster than the 1TB drives and cost less. It will give you 640GB of space in RAID0 and keep your 1.5 TB drive for any required overflow storage.

    To get true speed, the OCZ Vertex 2 is the way to go. It will out perform even a RAID setup of the Samsung's. I would recommend saving up for one down the road and have it replace your 1.5 TB setup and run with the SSD and RAID0 of F4's.
  2. I suppose I could use the 1.5tb as an external hard drive and use the F4's.

    So if i'm saving up for a vertex 2 should I just wait a bit longer and get a vertex 3? Saw some benchmarks and they're amazing but they're obviously a lot more expensive
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