Completely stuck OC'ing on a P8Z68-V Pro mb help?

Hi there, would anybody with knowledge of my motherboard be able to tel me which features i need enabled and disabled in my bios to allow me to simply change the multiplier and voltage on my 2600K? Its beggining to drive me mental i all i have managed to do is set what turbo my chip has to get to, and when in my OS it either throttles down to 1.6 or goes straight to my Turbo setting of 4.2-4.8 (i have played around with different speeds whilst trying to figure it out) its like it has forgot that it has a normal clock of 3.4!? I have tried to stop it throtteling back to 1.6 but nothing i do in BIOS seems to stop it! I have tried C1E, speedstep, epu all disabled but nothing... I am beggining to consider that it is actually the Turbo doing it and then kicking in once it gets load but taking me right up to its target.

If its not an issue and since whenever i do anything turbo kicks in and takes me to what i want to overclock the chip to, am i okay just leaving it as it is? But preferably would love to be able to do it purely from bios and remove turbov.

(this is my first build and overclock btw)
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  1. See if my guide linked in my sig helps you.
  2. Just go into BIOS and reset to default settings, usually F5, save and exit.

    Then do a little reading about overclocking the SB platform and try again. There are some really good guides out there that explain what all the BIOS entries are for and what you really need to do so you are safe, especially when new to overclocking.
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