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Hi, i have winxp, 32bit running ie8 and whenever i goto, i get this error :

But i also get the search button, so i can use but not the welcome picture..What can i do to solve this ?
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  1. update to ie9
    and second of all ur typing in

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    Merry Christmas
  2. I read somewhere that ie9 is windows 7 only ?
  3. @dontqqnub

    .co.xx is common (e.g. uk, in, jp)


    ie9 is for W7 and above

    try disable active scripting in ie
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    Yes IE 9 is just for Windows 7 and Vista, I think you should go for Firefox, instead of using Internet Explorer as your web browser. It works fast as compare to Internet Explorer and it's works very smoothly. There are no issue with the Firefox as compare to Internet Explorer.
  5. Hey pals problem solved by resetting ie8 settings. Everythings ok now.
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