Building a comp for someone need help

Hi everyone building a comp for one of my cousins and just wanna make sure that this is all compatible. And if the power supply will be able to handle all this. All he does is torrent, download music, watch movies, surf the web and most intense gaming he says his wife does is the sims 2 which i think wont really need much power to do. So i found the components for him newegg and was wondering what you guys think of? And should he just use xp or go vista business 32bit?

GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD4P = motherboard
The tower is Rosewill Conqueror RPS-01-WB500P which comes with a 500W power supply
CPU is gonna be AMD athlon 64X2 5600
Video card HIS Hightech H467QT512P Radeon HD 4670
LG Black 22X DVD+R
And the hard drive would prob be a 250GB prob get seagate
RAM 4GB DDR2 800MHZ ram since running that cpu

Wanna know if everything will be working smooth and everything is compatible.. If anyone have any suggestions about any of these i will appreciate it!
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  1. Looks good, scrap the rosewill case though. I would never recommend a PSU from rosewill. I would go with say a 500W from Corsair, I know it will cost some more, but you will almost never have to worry about it. The PSU is one of the most important parts. With 4GB stay 32-bit, Vista Bussiness would be fine, doesn't soud like they need Bussiness though. HD 4670 is good, everything looks OK.
  2. alright thanks yea but thats the only kind of OS i get for free since Im a IT student :) thanks for the help!
  3. just added a few more things to the build and took out a couple

    changed the mobo -ASUS M4A78 Plus AM3/AM2+/AM2

    Tower -XION Dazl XON-503 Black with Blue LED

    Power supply- OCZ 500W

    will this make work and be better than my first picks when coming to power supply? and will the cpu up top work with the motherboard?
  4. That OCZ PSU will work fine. Nice efficentcy on that.

    Now for the Mobo and the Vid card. If Sims 2 is really the most demanding thing they do, I'd say drop the vid card and buy a 790GX mobo. On board graphics will be more than enough for HTPC apps and Sims 2. It has HDMI out on the mobo itself.
    If you're not OC, get this combo and you get a much better CPU also for $160 free s/h. If you are going to OC, then take a look at an Asus or Gigabyte board instead.

    You can still get the 4670, but for what they are using the system for, really isn't going to be used. So I'd say save the money now, and then if they do need a more powerful GPU later (because of change in use of the PC) then it's ready to add instead of getting rid of the 4670.
  5. how about these
    and would still keep the video card 4670.

    I remember him telling me he would prefer ddr3 ram.. And with this mobo when ddr3 becomes more necessary he can just up his cpu and prob psu unit and video card.. Would this unit be good?
  6. wait i would put this card instead of the one above
    HIS H465FS512P Radeon HD 4650
    and was wondering if you could connect this to a tv in hdmi. If i connect with dvi to hdmi connector. instead of using vga would that be better in graphics wise.. He told me he uses sony bravia 32inch as his screen dont know why i guess for sng.. prob uses wireless mouse and keyboard.
    the onboard video card should help with the sim2 and all other stuff and since this can connect with hdmi it will be good with the tv?
  8. Espada said:
    the onboard video card should help with the sim2 and all other stuff and since this can connect with hdmi it will be good with the tv?

    I was actually going to suggest that, but as it seemed a budget build, didn't think the DDR3 was what you were looking for. The onboard graphics will be more than enough for the Sims and TV. No need for a vid card for their current usage.
    So yes, that combo would be my first choice with this ram:

    If you need something a little cheaper, this isn't the greatest, but can be downclocked to perform better:

    If you think the extra $20 is worth it and since you won't be needing any video card, get the mobo with the X3 710. The extra core will help later on down the road and get more life out of the system.
  9. alright thanks but would any ddr3 ram work?
  10. As long as its dual channel theoritically, yes. The lower the Cas rating, the better perfroming once you get to DDR 1333. 1600 won't get you much and i dont think its worth going to cas 8 for.
  11. Yes any ddr3 ram would work but you are best off with tight timings and speeds of 1333MHz or better.

    There are better combos than the one with that MSI board, there is one with a 720 and an Asus 790gx board with HDMI out for even less
  12. my last and final question is/favor is..
    if you guys can find a good wirless card to add on a cheap one preferably and
    since they have an hp you guys think i can take the hard drive and cd/dvd drive from the computer if im able to get it out and has the same connections from the psu?
    save more money.. and tahnks alot hunter skora you guys helped me alot! :)
  13. Depends how old the HP is, their hard drives and optical drives are easy to get out, i have done that a bunch, but if they are IDE drives you are going to need to position them very close together in the case as the ASUS IDE cable that comes with their motherboards doesnt have much slack between the two connectors.

    If they are sata you are golden, HP unlike Dell uses stock parts which makes life easier, just remember you likely have to pop off the front panel and pull the optical drive out, and some of their hard drive cages swing out of the case, screwed me up for a while when i had to change the HDD in my old HP.
  14. its only about a year old or so prob tops 2 years its really recent...
    and still need help finding a wireless card thx hunter for the info!

    There are cheaper ones but i would go for the d-link, especially if the router you are using is also a D-link router. I would expect the d-link one to be a bit more reliable than a rosewill or something, but keep in mind that gaming over wireless isnt the best plan, has the nasty habit of dropping out at the worst possible time. But if you really just want a cheap one there is an ASUS one for $11.

    If its that recent then they are sata and it will be super easy.
  16. what do you think of this wireless card..
    im not 100% sure they need wireless but im just making sure since they use a tv as a monitor and thanks for all your help hunter!!!!!!
  17. Best answer
    I think it looks like a porcupine got shoved in a PCI slot. I would stick with the D-link as they make lots of wireless networking components so i would expect they would have higher quality wireless cards. As n is backwards compatible with g i dont know if its worth the price premium to upgrade to a card that suports n.

    I have never worked with the wireless network cards myself as i would rather just run another line of ethernet cable through the house so im not sure if the difference between the best and worst cards are noticeable i just know that the broadcom chip in my laptop has a ton of issues but i doubt there are any issue free wireless cards.
  18. alright thanks for the info hunter and thanks everyone! I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!!!
  19. is the heatsink and fan that comes with amd cpu good? or should i spend $10 more for a better one?
  20. Espada said:
    is the heatsink and fan that comes with amd cpu good? or should i spend $10 more for a better one?

    If you are not overclocking, the stock fan is fine. If you are then, lite overclocking is still fine with the stock fan, but any target more than 3.0 ghz I'd find an aftermarket cooler. But expect to spend more than just $10. I'll see if I can't find a good example later, but I'm OTD now. Good luck,
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