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Hey all,

So, I ordered a new computer from Cyber Power PC. The stats are below in my sig. It's a really nice rig and I ws having trouble configuring HDMI to show up when windows starts off initially and it would never show me a BIOS or boot screen prior to windows loading, but windows would always load so I never have a problem. Well, I was playing World of Warcraft and everything was fine. I have a flip-up LCD to monitor temperatures, so I know I wasn't overheating. Well, I went to go move my chair forward and the plastic edge of the handle of my chair hit my case pretty hard (but nothing extreme) and my computer just turned off immediately Like literally, it just went off. I was like "***." So, I went to go turn it back on and absolutely nothing came up on the screen. I had it connected to HDMI at this point and I have restarted it multiple times for updates and the screen has always shown up. So, I tried disconnecting the HDMI and reconnecting RGB. Nothing. (BTW - I am on a Vizio full 1080p HD LCD and it's like 32 inches or more, I think) I removed the graphics card and put it back in, unplugged and replugged it, removed the RAM And put it back in, and I even removed 1 stick and left 2 in there to see if it was the RAM, though I haven't tried all combinations of the RAM. Well, since the HDMI didn't show up before the boot screen I was thinking that it was doing a disk-check of some sort, and since I have 160GB I figured it might take a minute, so I just left the PCU on at one point but then it turned off automatically and I smelled something...not sure if it was a burning smell or what, but it wasn't a normal smell. When I turn on my computer I can feel the Astek CPU liquid cooler running and all the fans ans lights on the mobo work. I also have already reset the CMOS. One thing that doesn't feel like it is working....the back fan on the back of the GTX295 is not spinning. I know that some of these fans though are "smart" and will only spin when needed, and the gfx card feels hot but my thermal temp thing says it isn't. Not sure the feel matches with the temperature or not. Also, not sure if I feel the HD's spinning or not.

I've tried to start my computer and push delete many times to see if it will take me into the BIOS, but nothing. Also tried to push F8 over and over to try and get Windows Safe mode, but nothing. I literally just got this computer yesterday at 3PM EST. Everything was fine up until I tried scooting my chair up and tapped it. My chair just hit close to the Optical drives, but on the left side of them. There isn't even a scuf or a mark, so I am not sure. Please, if you can provide any assistance!! I am thinking of just going and taking it to a computer repair shop instead of shipping it back to Cyber Power. If it's a part that is broken, I'll just RMA that part instead of sending the entire computer....but thanks for any suggestions!!!

Edit: Also, I know my PSU is enough. It's a Thermaltake 850Watt.
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  1. Since it under warrenty I would be thinking Cyber Power and not a repair shop as it could void the warranty.
    They dont necessarily need to know that you bumped it, only that it ran less than 24 hours.
  2. pat mcgroin said:
    Since it under warrenty I would be thinking Cyber Power and not a repair shop as it could void the warranty.
    They dont necessarily need to know that you bumped it, only that it ran less than 24 hours.

    Very true, and that was my plan when I am going to call them. I am pretty sure it is the gfx card though because I have been reading that a lot of people are having trouble with this card.
  3. I don't see any signature with a listing of your system.

    I assume you checked all cables and connectors to make sure nothing was knocked loose. I would assume it it not the monitor, since that was not what you bumped, but I have a monitor cable that shakes loose sometimes. I see you have changed connections so this should not be a problem - but do you have another system on which to try the monitor and graphics card?

    Did you search the mobo and graphics cards for any physical evidence- black spots or bulging capacitors? Also check the power connectors to mobo and video card for same.

    If you do have to work with CyberPower, please report your experience as I am considering ordering a machine from them sometime down the road if I don't have time to build one.
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