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Hi, guys and gals, looking for a few different points of view.
My C2D is getting a little old but still works well enough and now I have a job again it's time to re-retire the current 7800GTX card (the death of my HD4870 is a sad, sad tale:( ).
With prices dropping all the time I'm thinking of a GTX275 as the last card to go into this machine before I replace it with a new build, planned for Q2 2010.
Another 512Mb HD4870 would be fine, but the GTX275 price is now as much, or less than that I paid for the HD4870, about 150 pounds UK.
Given that I play at 1920X1200 does anyone have another option or does the team think I should follow my heart and get the GTX275?
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  1. if you are willing to live with Vista/XP and your GTX275 for 12months+, follow your heart

    if you are the type that wants the newest and shiniest toys, best bet would be to wait
  2. I'd also vote for a "placeholder" GPU or one that you know you can resell before too long for a good price.
  3. Thanks, guys, confirms my own thoughts.
    I'll get a GTX275 and sell the whole box as a going concern to help pay for the new build next year.
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