Would Athlon FX-60 Support New Top End GPU's?

I have an Athlon 64 FX-60 dual core running on an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe board with 2GB of RAM. Would this CPU be able to support the new top end GPU's on the market today? Or would there be bottleneck issues? I'm trying to decide if I need to do a full upgrade or not. I'm currently running an 8800 GTS 512.
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  1. Youll see improvement, just not as much with a faster cpu. The gts is fairly high up overall anyways.
    If youre talking a x2 card, Id be looking at a whole new rig, but eventually, even say you upgrade to a 285, the fx60 will underperform
  2. Thanks for confirming my suspicion. The GTS did well for awhile, but with the rigs peeps are running these days in FPS's, I'm starting to get raped big time.
  3. Yea, a fx60 probably would balance out with a 9600 or so, maybe a 8800gt, but even your gts must be showing some loss
  4. True that but the prices on those 2 chips are ridiculous ATM....

    I guess you can say they are "collectors item"............
  5. At that price they can get these nuts, you could get a p2-955 for less than that. Socket 939 was awesome for its time, but i cant believe anyone would buy that.
  6. Im sorry, Im wrong there is a guy I know who is still running a a64 3200, and just keeps upgrading with old parts. Ive been getting rid of stuff left and right, sold 2 socket 754 processors on ebay, and just gave away a fx 5200.
  7. To the OP, If its pcie, i just get a new board,cpu(one of the new athlon duals or quads), and memory,thats a cheap investment,and a good payoff. The card you have is still pretty good imo
  8. I am still running a Socket 939 with the X2 4400+ in it and a 9800GTX. Its definitely showing its age, but I am still happy with its performance, I will probably still stick with this rig for another year or 2, possibly 3. You could also try overclocking your FX 60 if you haven't already for a little boost.
  9. OvrClkr said:
    True that but the prices on those 2 chips are ridiculous ATM....

    I guess you can say they are "collectors item"............

    Totally ridiculous. But look, the one just sold for over $300 USD! Last year I know they were selling quickly for many hundreds, this year hard to imagine how or why they still bring in over $150. Even the 939 X2 4800+ was selling quickly for BIG bucks a year ago. Some people would rather max out their old system than get a new one and reload their aps.

    edit: Just searched completed listings and many X2 4800+ S939's recently sold over $200. here's one example: http://cgi.ebay.com/AMD-Athlon-64-X2-Dual-Core-4800-2-40GHz-2M-L2-939_W0QQitemZ270438689243QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3ef766e9db&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

    The OP may find his current CPU could bring in enough for a Phenom II, mobo and RAM. (sell!) :)
  10. So does that mean I should stack up on low end chips and re-sell in the future?
  11. The fx60 wasnt low end
  12. I know, im just saying would it be worth it to buy lets say a couple of 8550's and re-sell them in the future? since they have somewhat of a chance of unlocking they might be a " collectors item"?
  13. LOL, I don't think so.

    It's a special case. S939 was killed off quickly and so many people were left with under-performing single core CPU's. Plus those higher clocked 939 X2's never dropped to super low prices. By the time people realized they need a dual core...they were long since EOL and prices held and increased. Notice the low clocked ones (like my X2 4200+) aren't worth all that much. I still have a few single core S939 systems collecting dust, one with an FX-55. It was better to build a new rig than upgrade to a dual core.

    I don't see a similar situation happening again. I guess if everything adds up just right the upper range S775 quads will hold their value as C2D owners try to squeeze more life out of their systems. I don't see it as a money making opportunity. Knowing when to sell/upgrade what you have is key.
  14. Maybe i7 quads.....like the 920s....
  15. Don't come in dual variety tho.
  16. I appreciate all the input here. Its looking more and more like a new build in the near future. And now I need to make the big decision between Intel or sticking with AMD. I'm looking to spend around a $1000-$1200 and am considering either the i7 920, E8500 Wolfdale, or the Phenom II X4 955. The rig is mainly for gaming. I don't do a lot of multi-tasking. I know you get better bang for the buck with AMD at this point. Could anyone recommend a good mobo and memory for the AMD, and/or the i7? I'm looking for a case and psu as well.
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