Scythe MUGEN 3 vs Scythe Ninja 3

Hi, i just bought a asus sabertooth p67 with a i5 2500k, a asus hd 5770, 4gb x2 G.skill sniper and a ultra LS 600w lasts month, this is my first build... as you can tell i love asus...
I got my cpu to run at 4.0 Ghz under 70c with the stock cooler, but when i put it to 4.3 it goes over 70c which i do not like...
So which cpu cooler would perform better the Scythe MUGEN 3 vs Scythe Ninja 3... I like the Scythe MUGEN 3 because it support quad fan mount, but i like the scythe ninja 3 because it has 8 heat pipes, and it looks better ( It look's like the scythe ninja 3 may support quad fan's, but i'm not sure, please notify me if it does).

Keep in mind i'm on a tight budget i can get the scythe ninja 3 for 44$ and the scythe mugen 3 for 45$ with shipping.

And if you know a cooler that is significantly better for the same price (including shipping) please tell me.
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    Both is same performance .. It all up to you
    and same from scythe, And this review mugen 3
  2. ya, thanks for the link... I even say that the the scythe ninja 3 beats the Scythe MUGEN 3 by 1c and it look's a lot better... but really thanks for the like, it helped a lot in comparison to other CPU cooler like the V6 GT ;)
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