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This motherboard can hold 16 GB of RAM but I only want to install 12 GB i'm running the Intel i7 960 CPU. Do I do that by installing 3-4GB DIMS?
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  1. Use either 3 or 6 sticks of the same ram if possible. Mixing ram doesn't work very well, especially when all slots are filled. Refer to the motherboard manual for possible configurations when using 2 or 4 sticks. This will put you in dual channel instead of tripple channel mode, but the speed difference is negligable; you won't notice it.
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    3x4GB would be the best solution, but 6x2GB would work also.

    I find that it is harder to hit specified timings the more slots that you have filled.

    O1die is somewhat correct, you probably wont be able to tell the difference between dual and triple channel. You might as well just configure it to use triple channel.
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