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I am wishing to get a little bit more out of my CPU since it scored below average on 3D mark. Not knowing much about overclocking, I went into the bios, and noticed there was 3 presets, power save, normal and performance (could be other terms, but you get the picture) it was stock on normal, so I put it on performance mode.

It crashed after 5 mins, rebooted, crashed before making it to windows, rebooted, crashed and so on... until I went back to bios and put it back to the average setting.

This is my system :

Sabertooth p67 B3 motherboard
I5 2500k unlocked / stock cooler
8 gig hyper x 1600mhz kingston ddr3
ati radeon 6970
antec 1000 watts rms powersupply

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Clear cmos , unplug power ac from PSU, find jumper clear cmos ( read guide youir book mobo ) or remove baterry mobo let 10 minutes, pu it again
  2. Before you overclock or just in general, get a better CPU cooler. When you OC you want to run stability tests and your current cooler will not cut it. Also, you may want to test your system at stock with Prime95 for at least an hour and monitor the CPU temps. If it crashes at stock speeds, it can indicate that is an issue with your system that you will need to work out.

    I have an Asus p8p67 and have an idea what you are talking about. I OC'd mine via bios settings. There are plenty of guides out there. I would recommend this one.


    I like this guide because he takes a conservative approach to results and voltages. It is not exactly your hardware, but I think the bios setup will be similar to yours or that you can work your way around it. To get "a little more" out of your chip, may be as simple as uping your multiplier to 40 without any additional voltage. My chip on the other hand does not overclock too well and took a bit more work.

    At least if you do manual overclocking, even something as simple as increasing the multiplier, you know what was changed and maybe what needs to be done (increasing voltage a tick if Prime95 fails etc). The presets and increase some things like the BCLK that many suggest should be left at 100, though some increases below 105 are not expected to be bad long term but I did not chance it.

    I am not a pro overclocker, but I hope this points you in a good direction.
  3. Use UEFI BIOS simple and safelly
  4. Hmmm, Ok, I have overclocked exactly to the guide specifications, but it still crashes?? At first it was blue screen of death, but now it simply freezes during gaming (Shogun 2) or reboots during prime 95. What is strange is that the guide says to pump up the Vcore a little, I do that, but according to CPUZ, its still hangs around 2.75, even if I jacked it up to 1.3.


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