SATA 3gbs vs 6gbs - will 6gbs make my system faster?

Hi all!

My current system is:

* ASUS AMD M4A88T-M 880G/SB710 microATX Motherboard
* AMD Athlon II X3 440 Processor
* GAINWARD GeForce GTX 460 GS - 1024 MB GDDR5
* Windows 7

I need more space! I do a lot of video editing (Premiere Pro), gaming and I am more or less always multitasking when I'm at the PC. Will I notice a significant difference in running my system if I purchase a SATA 6gbs drive? Or will 3gbs work fine for me? Also, what buffer size would you recommend for a 1TB drive?

Many thanks!!

Clare :sol:
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  1. Other than benchmarks, you won't notice much if any speed difference between the SATA drives. For video editing I would think a larger buffer will be better. Most larger capacity drives come with 32Mb or 64mb buffer anyhow.
  2. Ahhh great thanks! :o)
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