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I'm having some trouble using an HDTV and a 24" Dell w2409. When I extend the displays and then switch the primary display to the second display they video becomes corrupted. In fact, even if I switch the input on the HDTV to the PC's input, the display becomes corrupted. It looks greyish white on the Dell LCD with reddish vertical lines and black on the HDTV. In either case I have to reboot. And as soon as I log in to windows then CCC loads they display becomes corrupted again. I'm not sending audio over either connection. Some details.

PC to LCD connection: DVI at back of PC to HDMI on LCD
PC to HDTV connection: DVI to HDMI plug on PC and HDMI on TV
CCC version: 9.7
Windows Version: Windows 7 RTM x64 (7600.13685)

Temporary solution is to boot with the displays I prefer (1 or 2) attached to the PC. Both are plugged in the same GPU, with crossfire enabled. I've tried the Force TV and Force Component options neither helps. I forgot where ITC Processing option is and cannot locate it, but I wouldn't hold my breath that this solves it. I think it may have to do with the Alternate DVI Operational Mode option, but I'll wait on your guys input. I also don't think I had this problem when the displays were plugged in different GPUs. I'll try that now. Assume no improvement barring an update.
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  1. Temporary solution #2. Have both displays on different GPUs with display you will use as primary, and when crossfired, on the top GPU (Plug 1). Switch displays, make second primary, when in extended desktop, in CCC. Still quite glitchy but I'm done changing displays for the moment.
  2. I run also have a CrossFireX setup and also HD TV + 22" Monitor but i only run CrossFireX when im gaming and the monitor is of course always the default choice for the serious keyboard warrior. Only Gaming really benefits from having a CrossFireX set up. Also its only the GPUs that work together in CrossFireX. The Memory from the Primary Graphics Card ONLY is used in CrossFireX. The amount of Memory that comes on a 4850 is not enough to run 2 large High Res screens. When not in CrossFireX each screen has its own dedicated Graphics card. You can watch a movie on the Tv while surfing the web playing utube on the monitor without each other ******* with the other. blahblah
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