Dell latitude d430 C disk may be damaged

hello there
i have an old dell latitude d430 laptop, I was using OS in D drive, because C drive was unable to take OS. and it was running slow. And I tried to reinstall the OS again. but it was asking to format the C before continuing the installation. I clicked Ok. after a while, it was showing a message like unable to format the disk. hit F3 to quit. so I am unable to load OS in to it. Could please any one help me here

many thanks in advance
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  1. Download Ultimate Boot CD, there are utilities in there to scan the drive. Do that, see what it finds. Although even if you suspect the drive is bad, you are better off paying $30-40 for a new laptop driver rather than take chances with a failing one. Depends on how much you like your data and re-building the system again if the drive IS bad.
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