Overclocking by Android Mobile or tablet device

Now I could monitoring and control the graphics card while playing PC game :na:

Do you know how to use the Android mobile or tablet device overclocking the Graphics Card?
I just try this APP and it's very cool

Afterburner APP
There is an experience event for lucky draw hosted by MSI ,not bad LOL
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  1. Watch out ...you may just fry your tab...just don't mess with the voltages and it should be alright..you can up the clock speed but beware that you may have to reset it if your OC goes bad.....Nice to see MSI AB works on the Android didn't know it was able to do that on any other OS
  2. I dont think he actually means overclocking the tablet/android device lowjack989.

    There's an app you can use on smartphones, just like you can use your iphone to control your itunes on your computer. Basically using your smartphone as a remote control which in this case controls afterburner on a computer.
  3. Gotcha...I see thats cool, remotely monitor your temps and OC ..
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