Need Help with memory

Anybody know what speed i can get this memory up to?

on the Gigabyte GA Z68XP-UD3P motherboard. Just wanting to know if it can be raised to 1600 instead of 1333mhz

Is there really a big difference is Cas Latency 9 and 7?
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  1. CAS 7 @ 1600 and CAS 9 @ 1600....big difference....CAS 7 1333 and CAS 9 1600 are about the same...low latency at high speed is what you want for an ultra snappy PC
  2. is better 1.5v or 1.65v for RAM?

    Also does the speed between 7 and 9 really affect game play or just loading of programs and such?
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    CAS 7 loads everything faster and affects gameplay for the better... than CAS 9 at the same clockspeed........ Most of the time CAS 7 1600 will vary from 1.6v or 1.65v...CAS 9 1600 RAM voltages usually varies from 1.5v-1.6v
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  5. When you get into DDR3 the RAM frequency is high enough that you no longer see significant increases in memory performancy with a change in CAS latency or even frequency because the cycle times are relatively speaking very small compared to DDR and DDR2 CAS times. The G.SKILL RAM that you have choosen will likely OC to 1600 but you may need to slow the timings to do it. Lower voltage means lower temps/heat so 1.5V is better than 1.6V and higher.
  6. 1.5 or 1.6 ---> neither one is better it is all in the required voltage for the OC...Temps are a none issue unless he has no air flow across the DIMMs....BTW you trying to say there is no significant increase in performance in DDR3 with lower latencies ......"surely you jest".....There is a big difference from true CAS 7 and CAS 9 at equal is full of it....That RAM will probably not quite make it to 1600 stable at CAS 7 it may if your lucky.....get to 1500 MHz@CAS7 before it gives up
  7. No there is no significant diff in system performance with CAS latency in DDR3, just in theretical synthetic RAM benches. This has been confirmed by Tom's, Anandtech and many others. If you read the link you'll see why the CAS and frequency have little importance in DDR3 RAM compared to DDR and DDR2 with the slower RAM frequencies. Run real benches and see for yourself.
  8. I read it....didn't see your point though...."Real Life" gaming I have noticed an improvment of 6 fps I run 7-9-8-24-40-1T@1600MHz....over true CAS9@1600MHz...thats real life not benching mind I guess significant increase is "relative" to some...This is while playing Crysis 1 in DX10 @ 1920x1080, x4 AA, on very high settings....So, yeah wiki is full of it....All I seen was a graph showing access time decreasing with lower latencies...which corresponds to faster response time from the RAM...I.E. improved performance...
  9. ok how about this.... i need the best ram I can get for this board.....

    from this certified vendor list on this page because I want to make sure it will work

    Staying under $100
  10. I suggest personally 2x4GB G.Skill Snipers as I love how great of a value they are and the low profile heatspeaders that actually work.

    This is 1866MHz@CAS9 for $70.00

    Here the ones I bought three time they OC easily and is stable with the same settings for all three pairs:

    1600MHz@ 7-9-8-24-40-1T at 1.6v
  11. How about this sweet deal under $60 for CAS 9 2133MHz which that board is able to reap the rewards of check' em out ...
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