Cm 212Plus or CM V6

ok, So i need a new cooler as we all kmow the stock hsf fail :fou: on sandy bridge.

i've got a choice between the 212plus and a v6....i dnt mind the price difference, and its going in a HAF 922 i assume the v6 wud look alot nicer in the case....hehe.

the case also has the optional 200mm side fan....will these fit? which is better?
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  1. The V6 is a better cooler, but comes off with a tradeoff of noise. Though I figure putting quieter fans like Gentle Typhoons on it would negate that and be pretty efficient in cooling/silence mix,
  2. so if i buy the v6......i need to buy other fans also???
  3. not ... not like that, the fan is pretty good innate V6, it is only if you want a truly silent at high frequencies
  4. oh...ok then. thnx
  5. i can't found anymore review compare both cooler :
  6. cool. thanx. think i'll get the v6...
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