Hard drive performance

I have a xps730, its about 4 years old.

Running windows 7
4gig of corsair dominator ddr3 memory.
nvidia 570 vid card
core 2 quad Q9450
wd raptor 10,000rpm 150gb 16mb

I am wondering why my computer's performance score(windows experience index) is so low for my hard drive.

processor - 7.2
memory - 7.2
graphics - 7.8
gaming graphics - 7.8
primary hard disk - 5.9

I thought the raptor hd was supposed to be much better than just a regular 7200rpm hd...

The drive is about 4 years old tho and a older model raptor hd.

Would buying a new 150gb 16m raptor up my score?

What kind of hd do i need to get the score up into the 7.0+ range like the rest of my system's components?
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  1. 5.9 is the highest Win7 will assign to a mechanical drive. You need a really fast RAID or an SSD to score higher.
  2. Vista had a maximum of 5.9 score for any device. Windows 7 extended the range to 7.9 to account for new technologies such as SSDs. You're basically not going to get beyond a 5.9 score for any single hard drive. You might be able to get a couple of decimal points more using RAID arrays, but to get anything significantly better you'll need an SSD. This is a reasonably accurate reflection of the huge difference in access times between hard drives and SSDs.
  3. From what I have been reading on SSD drives, doesnt seem they are very reliable just yet. Reviews are terrible. Every SSD drive I look at, loads of ppl are complaining about them all.
  4. I certainly have no complaints about my Intel X-25M G2 drive...

    One of the big reasons I chose Intel was because I felt it might be a more solid product than some of the other manufacturers. That seems to have been validated by this article. In fact according to that article it seems that SSDs in general are no less reliable than a typical hard drive.
  5. ^+2... I second Sminial statement!!

    I have a Vertex 2 240 GB & Intel X25-M G2 80 GB and I love them both & have had no issues (even with the 25 nm version of the Vertex 2). At the same time, I NEVER put faith in the WEI as any type of true bemchmark. I would look at benchmarks provide by Futermark for a better idea. (PCMark Vantage & 3DMark 11).
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