Are these 3dmark vantage performance mode normal???? GTX 275

Hello, i want to ask you if my score in 3dmark vantage performance mode are normal???? this is for knowing if my rig is working fine.

My spec are:

i7 920 stock
Gigabyte ex58 ud3r
xfx gtx 275 stock ( drivers 185.85)
6 gb corsair c8
windows vista 64 ultimate
Samsung 733nw 60hz

Gpu score: 11106
Cpu score: 17096
3dmark score: 12172

- Other question that i have is while im playing any game, like crysis in dark areas, sometimes appear black lines moving across the screen, like scanlines, this is because i dont have activated vsync or it isnt normal????

Sorry about my english, but im from chile, south america.

Thanks and salutes to everyone.
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  1. Some help please
  2. Best answer
    Welcome to the forums, your score looks about right and your English is fine. :)

    Edit: are you running via DVI or VGA?
  3. Thanks for your answer and welcome.

    Im running via vga. The monitor doesnt have dvi option.
  4. That may be why you get scan lines every now and then.
  5. ahhh 0k thanks, may i ask you something????

    do you know any program that can tell me if my rig is working fine????

    this because when i was playing fallout 3 or assasin creed, my pc struggles to maintain 60 fps with drops to 40, so this was really annoying.

    Pd: i always try to buy original games, but here the prices are just too high, for example my rig cost me around us$ 1800 aprox.
  6. It seems a bit odd to me, since my mid-range rig with 2gb's of RAM, Phenom II X3 710, GTS 250 1gb, and Windows 7, gets 12094 to 12700 3dMark06 score, I'd suppose yours should get about 14700 or more...

    I'm also stuck with a VGA only LCD, but I get no weird lines whatsoever, maybe updating your drivers may help.

    What you say about prices is painfully true, here in México almost any hardware piece costs twice than in USA.


  7. ^ 06 and vantage scores are suppose to be equal now?
  8. :o ... oh, damn, I misread, sorry, my bad, it was 4am :pt1cable:

  9. The score seems normal, I have a friend with a comparable system, except his 920 is @ 4ghz and his 275 is from EVGA.

    I have a link to the last score he posted on our forums, unfortunately its with his old GTX 260 w/physx on.
  10. Thanks a lot for your answers.

    I want to explain myself properly about those lines, i have my monitor set to 1440x900 at 60hz, so when im playing and i get above or below 60 fps these lines appear, but if i have Vsync on, this doesnt happen. So one of my question was aiming to know if this is normal, because in games like crysis i dont obtain all time those fps.

    Anyway you already help me a lot to be more sure about my rig. Thanks.
  11. Thos lines are tearing. Vsync exists to correct them.
  12. Agreed, that is not a scan line issue but the reason why Vsync is available.
  13. ohhh 0k, so on any game that i cant lock 60 fps im going to have this right????
  14. You can force Vsync via Nvidia Control Panel.
  15. Thanks you very much for all your answers.
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