Moderately priced build for graphic designer/light gamer- AMD based (m

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: The sooner the better, due to a good price on the mobo/Cpu combo, but lets say 7-30-09
BUDGET RANGE: $700-1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Adobe CS3 (including Photoshop and illustrator), multi-tasking (internet, music, and graphics program), light gaming (not the latest or greatest, mostly command and conquer or delta force...etc)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED:could maybe scrape up a temporary solution for keyboard/mouse and speakers, possibly even the monitor. But if possible I would like to get everything in the budget

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I prefer newegg or tigerdirect but am open to others if the price and service are worth it.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Leaning towards the AMD for bang for buck. But am open to intel although they usually run more expensive. I have compiled a list of parts I thought were good and would work together, but this is my first total build so I could use any advice.

CoolerMaster Scout Case
Pretty dead set on this one. $100

PII X4 955 BE Deneb 3.2GHz 125W & ASUS M4A79T Deluxe AM3 DDR3 790FX ATX Mobo $315 for both with combo deal while supplies last. Looking to get this or something comparable willing to OC if it isn't too difficult to get it stable.

$93 I heard HIS ICEQ had good cooling but am willing to go for another brand or moedl (ie 4850 etc) However i strongly think that I need the 1 Gig cache for the CS applications.

OCZ StealthXStream 600W
$80 Maybe overkill for this system but as i might eventually add crossfire I thought this would be a safe bet.

G.Skill 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1333 Ram

WD 750GB-32MB Cache SATA

Hanns·G Black 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor Built in Speakers

LG Black 22X DVD+R SATA Bulk LightScribe
Total: $843


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Eventually crossfire (as SLI is having a lot of problems lately) I would like to buy a decent card now and crossfire when i get more money.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want good cheap and stable. I know they don't usually all work that way.. but i did say good not great. This build is for my stepdad. I wanted to build a comp for his b-day. He is a graphics designer and works a lot with CS3 and will soon upgrade to CS4 when he gets the money. He currently works off a 4-yr old sony vaio laptop that was great in it's day but is now barely chugging along with the newer programs. I am also considering a similar build to this for myself. {I multitask a lot and I play WOW and would like to play Oblivion but probably not much more than that. I like older games and don't usually play COD or other shooter games on my comp. I realize i could use a 512MB video card for my build. Myabe even an X3 but I like to convert vids and have 2-5 programs running at almost all times, so I dunno.} But I would primarily like advice on his build.
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  1. I think you make a real good choice on the processor and GPU when it comes to your stepdad. For your self, i would upgrade to HD4770 or HD4580 for graphics.
  2. Best answer have chosen good components...But there are few changes that you can consider...

    1. CPU + Mobo combo...Get this combo instead of that one...The 790GX mobo also overclocks pretty well and would be more than suffice for you needs...

    2. Monitor - Get a better resolution monitor...

    3. HDD - Get the Faster WD Black 640GB...

    4. PSU - Get the better Antec EA650...

    5. Spend more on the graphics and get the HD 4850 1GB...
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