DVD no audio connectors?

I bought a SATA DVD read/write drive ("HP DVD i270 multiformat DVD writer" or something) and all it has in the back are a SATA power connection and SATA data connection.

There is no analog audio or SPDIF connector in the back of this drive!

I've never seen anything like that before. Did I get shortchanged? Or is this normal?
I can still play audio CD's but obviously it's not connected directly to my sound card like with my old DVD drive.

The only reason I bought this was because I wanted to move away from IDE.
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  1. There is nothing to worry about!! Your SATA DVD drive doesn't require an analog or SPDIF connector on the back of the drive. The CD's/DVDs sound runs through your on-board sound (or dedicated sound card) without needing this connection. The data is transported to your sound card through the SATA cable and comes out through your speakers or headset. This is how the newer drives are designed, so you didn't get shortchanged :D .
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