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Hello i got a core 2 duo 2.66ghz running windows 7 64 bit. I got 2x2Gb ram: one is kingston the other is supertalent, but both are 800mhz and 2gb. why is it showing 4.00Gb(1.95 usable) ?
please help.
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  1. What video card? Some onboard video grabs RAM. My guess is something along those lines... to actually figure it out we probably need a full system breakdown, it will most likely end up being some mother board component using the RAM.
  2. i have nvidia 8500GT, do u think the problem isnt that im using to different memory brand? when i go to bios the memory sequence isnt the same even.
  3. 32bit operating systems only use a maximum of 3Gb as they can not address more than that. only a 64Bit OS is capable of using more than 3Gb RAM. However this does not account for the missing 1.05Gb! - Just noticed you wrote Windows 7 64Bit!
  4. 2.05 missing and i am using 64bit os
  5. Nice maths on my side eh!
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