MAZE5 and a MCW60 on my 2 4870s. Would I need anything?

I have a MAZE5 thats currently in use on my x1900xtx. Im hoping that the holes are the same size, that way I can put my MAZE5 on my 4870.

And then I'm also going to buy another 4870 with a mcw60 on it.

Is that all I need? I know those aren't full coverage blocks. Do I need anything else like ramsinks to prevent them from overheating and keep them at cool temps?

I'm on a strict budget, so just thought I'ld ask your opinion on what YOU'LD do if you were in my shoes.

I THINK I need ramsinks, right? Cant find any for cheap though. If I do, they charge me like $20 for shipping for $10 ramsinks. Where do you get yours?

Thanks!! Purchasing everything monday morning!
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  1. are you planning on overclocking? i have had a 4870 running in one of my rigs with no ram sinks for about 8 months with no issues. its not OCd at all though and the chips are pretty hot to the tough. if you can afford it id go for it. high temps decrease the lifespan of things quite a bit.
  2. Giving us your location would be helpful;)
    The 'Egg has plenty of small heatsinks suitable for the VRAM, but I would be far more concerned about the VRM temperatures, even with the stock cooler they can get very, very hot so you should add a small fan to cover that area.
  3. Hey, I'm in the US. Didn't know newegg hat heatsinks for the video card, that sure as heck beats a watercooling shop's expensive shipping.

    When you say small fan, how would you recommend me mounting the fan? Just have it sit in cables blowing at my card?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. If your already setup for watercooling then look at the XSPC full blocks as i picked up one for $69 new for my HD4890 and it idles at 34-35c and load is around 50c .. heck of a block for the money.
  5. really? Whered u get yours at Craven?

    Well the best i could find was a HeatKiller block for your 4870 at $84.95..
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