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Hey I've got a question. I recently had a laptop die on me. The problem is with the DC jack, but I can't be bothered to get it fixed. The question I have is if I remove the HDD from there can I connect it to a desktop to get the information off or will the OS being installed on that drive cause a problem?
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  1. The fact that you have an OS installed on a HDD does NOT interfere with your ability to read it when connected to another computer. So what you plan should work fine. However, the connections on a laptop drive usually are not the same as on a desktop drive. So you may need an adapter to connect the desktop's data and power supply cables to the laptop drive. Of course, you also have to have the correct HDD port in your desktop. By that I mean, if your laptop's HDD is an IDE unit, you'll have to connect it to an IDE port on your desktop's mobo; likewise, SATA HDD needs a SATA port.
  2. Get one of the following, it is IDE/SATA to USB. They have their own power supply and will work with all hard drives for $19.99.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'll need to actually open my laptop and remove the HD and check it out. Thanks for the link dallasjoh, if it comes to that I have it saved.
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