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IS it necessary to use thermal paste b/w heatsink and cpu, when i bought a new computer they have not used, thats why i only used, but the cpu and heatsink fan not working, if i wipe the thermal paste and starts the comp(without thermal paste) it will on,

should i leave some time to dry the thermalpaste?
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  1. Always use TIM (thermal paste) between the CPU and heatsink. Use a very thin coating. More paste is NOT better. There is no need to wait for the paste to dry. It cures during operation from the heat.
  2. but why did the computer dint turned on (CPU and heatsink fan) when i put some bit larger area
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    You can buy some good pastes that will improve performance, but the basic ordinary paste that comes with most coolers will work almost as well. Some factory coolers come with the past already applied, you just peel off a piece of plastic to expose it. If there is a computer store nearby you can ask if they have some leftover paste that they will give you, since most heat sinks that you buy will have more paste in there than you need. And like has already been said you don't need very much of it.
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