Looks like I need a new MB

MY EVGA X58 Classified seems to be having a lot of issues the last few days.
Use to be abel to run @ 3.8 ghz ( I7 920) but yesterday I had to back it down to 3.2 GHZ just to be abel to boot.
I also cant run my Drives in AHCI mode anymore either.

I have about $800 to spend

If I stay On the 1366 socket I just need a new MB but not sure what is the best out there I could afford that OC very good but still has a lot of usb ports, 2 esata , and firewire. also need to beale to run in Xfire mode too.

If I change over to the 1156 socket I will need to by ram MB and cpu. I am not very up on what is the best to buy cpu wise or MB wise in tha on the 1156 socket side.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Wish I had that much money to burn; send the board back to evga and get a new one. Some of their boards have a lifetime warranty. Use it.
  2. I don't want another EVGA board the boot up time on them is very bad. You OC a system very good but you have to look inside to see if it is booting up some time do to all the self checks it goes threw.
  3. I also use this PC for removing Virus and spy ware on the side so I want it to work good.
  4. There's really no performance reason to change socket. You'll end up blowing a bunch of $$, for little or no performance gain.

    With that budget, and the need for 2 esata ports, this Gigabyte would be my pick

    With your current mobo, have you tried bumping up the voltages to support the OC? Or maybe checked your temps?
  5. Yes I did All of that it was stabel for a very long time and no reason it it to be down taken down to 3.2 rather than 3.8 to boot now I havent tied playing game on it at 3.2 ghz yet it may crash when I do.
  6. I wasnt wanting to spend much if I didnt need to was just saying that what I had that I could use to solve the problem and if there was any reason I would be better off with a 1156 socket over a 1366 one.
  7. Be sure your bios is set to fast boot. I also use the hardrive software (such as maxblast 5) to set up each drive before installing files so there's only one boot drive and the rest are secondary. Long post times can also be due to the board looking for your modem setting or router address. And finally, if you want to improve performance, get an ssd. Even the kingston value line 64 gb for $150 is pretty quick.
  8. I have 2 SSD drives one 60 gig OZC vertex as the C Drive 2 D/: is the other OZC SSD and will be for what ever game I decide I want to play primarily drive F/: is a raptor 300 gig that will be for other games last drive is a WD Black 1 terabyte for storing pictures word files, excel for tracking expenditures and sales, also any downloads like mb updates and GPU updates.
    If you read the OZC form a lot of folks complain about the boot time.
    This board is great for over O.C.
    But the bios boot time, what seems to me to be hotter than normal temps from the north and south bridge heat sinks.
    no mater what kind of drive you have the MB goes threw a lot of self check in the BIOS. one thing that helps is if you disable the two external ESATA ports but I need those to hook up my external HD docking system for making back ups of a for folks OS and for scanning there drives for virus and Spyware.
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