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Networking two XP machines...

Hi all.
First post here.
I have two win XP machines.
One is a laptop that I use wifi to connect to the web with,
one is a desktop that has no wifi, but does have an ethernet port,
I would like to use the laptop to serve the desktop, where I can surf
on the desktop through the laptop, with an ethernet
cable between them. What do I have to do to do this?
I know this is an old topic and old oses, someone stole my new laptops
out of my apt recently and I'm desperate. I always liked XP tho...
Any help greatly app'd.
Thanks a lot
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  1. Buy a cheap wifi card for the desktop, or connect the desktop to your router using an ethernet cable.
  2. yeah i have a wifi card but there's no pc card slot on desktop.
    It's not my router, but my neighbor's. I was hoping to go the
    ethernet cable route. I guess I'll get a pc card/usb adapter.
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    You can share out the connection on the laptop with a cable, then then the laptop will always have to be on to use the desktop, and the cable will have to be run to both of them. A $10-20 desktop WiFi card will fix it all.
  4. Thank you. You are right.
    And, I can move the two computers around!
    This modern technology...
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