BIOS is very slow to start

Hi, my computer starts very slowly, as it detects IDE drives it will put the text on the screen, letter by letter, and can take upwards of 4 minutes to complete checking.

After it has detected all the drives, it gives me a CMOS bad checksum error. I entered the cmos settings and made sure the date and time were correct (they weren't, and i fixed them) but the problem persists. When I am in the BIOS/CMOS setup, everything moves very slowly, my key inputs take a second to be recognized, and things like the border surrounding the edges of the screen take a minute to be rendered.

This seems to me like a bad sign, but i have no idea which component could be causing these problems. The battery is not likely to be dead, since the motherboard was purchased last summer. I have not succesfully gotten it to boot into windows either.

Here is my current setup:
790i FTW Mobo
9800 GTX GPU
Q6600 2.4 ghz quad core cpu
8 gb ddr3 RAM

I have performed no recent bios updates, and the computer hasn't been unplugged while running.

Any help would be very much appreciated
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  1. The first 2 things i would check: PSU and motherboard. It could be BIOS corruption or a broken pin on the CPU or lots of other stuff. Start by testing the mobo only with the basic stuff on a cardboard outside the case. Use only one DIMM. Also disconnect any drives and cables from mobo. Clear the CMOS. Download latest BIOS and flash your mobo with it.
    If nothing solves it, try testing your mobo with components from another PC or from a friend.
    Keep us posted on your findings.
  2. Cmos bad checksum is a definite sign of bad health.

    If the time and date (or your Bios settings) keep being forgotten, replace the battery.

    Without Windows, you can still try to boot Memtest86+
    which will test the Ram and parts of the Cpu.
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