Motherboard Drivers?

You think I should install my motherboard drivers? (Windows 7 Ultimate x64) Or maybe even update the BIOS. I usually don't... Just wondering if it makes a big impact. I am kind of paranoid about this system right now, as my last Asus P6T Deluxe V2 died 4 hours in...

i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe V2..

By the way, anyone know good software to monitor temps. Was doing that with ASUS software last time when the mobo died... again, paranoid.
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  1. Coretemp for the cpu only. I wouldn't flash the bios or update anything if the system is stable.
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    Windows 7 will automatically load a set of drivers for your motherboard. You should check the drivers that came on the CD with your motherboard to determine if they are the same ones loaded by Windows. In most cases, Windows will have loaded the lastest drivers.

    For monitoring system temperatures, download HWMonitor from the CPUID.COM website:
  3. everything is stable. I did update my BIOS. However, one of my memory sticks is dead... The pain. I will call Newegg tomorrow and ask if they can cross ship overnight RMA. It has taken almost 3 weeks now due to RMA. I have never had this many bad parts in one batch...

    To answer the question if it comes up, I am pretty darn sure it is a bad stick. Put 3 sticks into board (A1,B1,C1 all the orange slots as recommended.). 4gigs detected. Tested all slots with 1 stick, they all detect. Tested A1 and B1 worked fine together. Tested B1 and C1 and worked fine. Finally tested each stick individually. One of them will not even let the system boot. Dead stick.. I think so lol.

    I was a bit worried though, as you can see if you search for P6T on google this is a normal problem... It only detecting 4g. However, seeing as the same stick is always not detected and that that stick won't even let me boot... I think my mobo is fine.

    Now if only I could perform magic and make i7 920s run cooler. Way too hot, even at idle it is 37-41c.
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