Nzxt fan vs intel fan

i got a core 2 duo e7400 and i am going to OC it to 3.0gh and i am wondering if i buy a nzxt 120 mm fan instead of the stock inetl fan does it gives a better noticed performance that could incourge me to get to 3.4-3.5gh safely

the ques in a simple way

nzxt 120mm fan VS intel stock fan what is the diffrence percentage that i will get from this fan

cause it costs a bout only 10$
and i cant pay more for the cooling system so does the difference worth to get this fan instead of the stock one ?!!!
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  1. are you talking about the fan on the heatsink,if you overclock it is best to replace the heatsink/fan with a better one,the standard intel one is not very good
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