[SOLVED]G.Skill Ripjaws on a M4A79T Del. CPUZ gets wrong channel?

CPU-Z says i'm running Single Channel but I installed my RAM in slots A0 and B0 and they appear accordingly in the CPUZ SPD tab (Slot#1 and Slot#3).

Other than that the Size is fine.

It gave me a few memtest errors at stock so I'm currently adjusting timings.
I'll do a memtest after clock adjusting but should this CPUZ thing worry me? I'ts my first build but I'm pretty sure I did dual channel... I'ts what im aiming for no?

Timings ill be using: 7-7-7-18 @1.9v

I'm using G.Skill Ripjaws:
on a M4A79T Deluxe mobo:
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    If the ram is installed in the same color slots, then you should be in dual channel mode.
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