Help! New Build Crashs...could be memory problem?????


iv built a new pc:

500w ocz psu
AMD Phenome x4 955 3.2ghz BE
8gb ddr 2 ram
AMD2+ Matx mobo
Windows vista 64 bit (latest bios and drivers)
1tb Samsung HDD Sata

( DDR Ram Infomation.

Basically the computer just crashes very very randomly, and when it crashes somtimes its the BSOD and somtimes the screen just refreshes its self and if there is music on it will loop on the spot. i Have crash dumps ect but i havnt a clue what to do with them. I Thought it might be heat issue but i played virtua tennis for around 4 hours, Football manager for like 5, ran numerous pc mark tests and the temps seem fine. Iv updated the onboard 8300 driver, sound chipset etc.

I Done a memory test, ran if for like 4 hours and at 5% it had like 10 red lines of errors so guess the problem is there??

i havnt set the timings etc, i havnt done on any previous build and am not to sure how to, the bios is AIM.

any help be much appriciated.
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  1. anyone:(
  2. What motherboard in particular? Run prime95 and use HW monitor to check your temps when running the full test and post how high they get.
  3. Sound like a Ram issue, make sure you set you timings correctly... most likely you have everything on AUTO and that's why it's crashing. What kind of ram do you have?

    this is the ram i have its DDR2 8gb ocz. i not sure how to set it, when i went to set the timmings so many options came up lol
  5. Just make sure you tweak the DDR2-1066 memory in the BIOS as CAS# Latency (CL) as 5.0 clocks, RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) as 5 clocks, RAS# Precharge (tRP) as 5 clocks, Cycle Time (tRAS) as 15 clocks, Bank Cycle Time (tRC) as 26 clocks, and Command Rate (CR) as 2T. And last but not least look for the voltage and raise it to 2.1v
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