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I have a phenom ii x3 720. I'm wondering if when playing games it would give more or less similar performance to a phenom ii x4, such as playing games like Call Of Duty 4. But there would be no multitasking in the background. If the phenom ii 720 and phenom ii 940 are running both at 3ghz, i'm guessing the qaud core would have very insignificant increase over the 3 core if not none? I know it depends on the game as some are dual or single core optimised. Maybe games like Supreme Commander will benefit from a quad core or not really? Do you know how far i'd have to overclock my phenom to have it as fast as a i7 920 processor for playing games like Call Of Duty 4? Currently it's clocked to 3.2ghz. I'm guessing that i'd have to overclock it to 3.6ghz. Since the pii 965 is fairly close to the i7 920 for some games is that not true and that is at 3.4ghz. But then the pii 965 has four threads.
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  1. i'm guessing that the difference in games is quite minimum really with a phenom ii 720 and an i7 what i mean by minimum is 0 - 20 FPS increase from the i7 920. But if i were playing Crysis, the difference would be minimul. I should not worry about cpu bottlenecks at all with this processor? I run a single graphics solution motherboard with a GTS 250 at the moment. I don't know whether to believe this or not because it gives the impression that the phenom ii 720 competes very well with the i7 920.
  2. i have myself quite a nice matx gaming rig then lol. I'm planning on getting a 5850 or new gt n the futre which will fit in my case and will be sufficiently cooled.
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