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  1. New desktop:

    estimated time of purchase: 2-3 years, depends on price.

    Processor and MOBO: preferably quad core and easily overclocked

    Graphics: better than a NVIDIA GTX250

    PSU: enough to powr the processor.

    HDD: preferably 250 GB.

    Usage: Gaming (modern games at 1440*900 resolution)

    Price range: 2000$ tops, hoping for more around 1300$.

    I knowthis sounds like a stupid joke with the 2- 3 years. But I'm still grateful for any help. Looking for sites that can deliver to Germany.
  2. 2-3 years, ummm.... i guess you will have to hit us up in 2011-2012 since all the current hardware will be obsolete by then.......
  3. seriously, what a waste of what coulda been a typical post to read...
  4. lol........
  5. WOW..............
    THIS made my day......... I am at work doing graveyard shift and now I am all awake and laughing hard..... Thanks target14...
  6. I think you're in luck- that $2,000 you have now will have the buying power of $1,300 in 2-3 years, so buy can have it both ways.
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