Hitachi Deskstar 7k3000 2TB CLICK

Hi Everyone,

So I have 2, 2TB hitachi deskstar 7k3000's in a RAID 1 array on an MSI P67-GD55 Motherboard using the intel rapid storage technology. I do hear one of the two drives clicking every now and then and am unsure if its just how these drives are or if one of the drives are indeed dying. The thing is, when I run the Hitachi utility to check the drives, they don't show up and I'm guessing it's because I have the RAID controller managing them. Does anyone have any experience with running such a tool on a raid array? Should I just ignore it until the drive dies since I'm running RAID 1 anyway and the drives are mirrored? Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated as I've never had a RAID array before and don't want to dismantle it and cause corruption just to check the drives. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Also, I should add I see the following error in the event viewer several times -

    The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1.
  2. The exact same problem (the clicking) has happened to me with my hitachi drive running the Intel Smart Response/ Rapid Storage. I don't know why it makes that click, but I know it coincides with windows freezing and media playback stuttering. Where you able to find a solution to the problem? If so, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it.

    (I built this rig for my sister to take to engineering school in the fall, so hopefully a solution can be found before the end of August).
  3. Hi!,

    Kind of glad to see SOMEONE else posted here. As of now I still haven't resolved it. The system oddly enough has been running and nothing is telling me the drive is dead. I've been real busy so I havent had a chance to remove the drive I know isn't clicking and see what happens if I try to run the system off the clicking drive. I've also run some scans on my raid setup with some utilities like HDTune and it told me everything is working fine. I might try to dismantle things this weekend. Have you dont anything to try and resolve it? Lets work together and see if we can't find a fix to this. We could always RMA the drive but it's such a pain in the you know what and really, it migh tbe the same scenario.

    So some standard questions - aside from clicking what else are you seeing ? You mentioned some freezing. Any blue screens, random restarts or freezing to the point where you have to force the system down and then bring it back up by cutting the power? Do you have the same model as my drive (6 gb/s, 2tb) Let's fix this before the end of August!
  4. Sounds like its dieing save what you can take your drive back for replacement and get 1 more and a SSD. I recomend Raid 5 with a both Z68 and P67 boards. Why?

    Using the SSD as your boot drive and windows drive is Fast as and should make the complaints with Raid 5 as storage meaning less. (yes the rebuild time will be overnight but there is a rebuild and there will a small speed boost over the Raid 1.)

    That's the best advise I can give.
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