Thermalright Silver Arrow installation questions

I got my Silver Arrow yesterday (OMG this fan is huge) and I was going over the installation instructions and it said to apply the thermal paste to both the fan and the CPU. Most of the time I've been told that you only apply the paste to the CPU, but with a fan and heatsink this elaborate, do I follow the instructions and apply it to both sides or do I just apply it to one, set the heat sink and go from there?

Also both fans that were included have their own power cables - and both are four-pronged. But there's only one CPU fan power connector on my motherboard (Asus P6T), Do I connect one to the motherboard and then one to the power supply? Are there four-pin connectors that I can get that will allow me to connect the fan to the PSU?
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  1. Well:

    I did a lot of research on this before I purchased my new rig and installed my own Silver Arrow (which I love and reccommend). As far as the thermal paste goes? It is my understanding that the important part is that you get a good connection with no air - so that there are no bubbles. I would reccommend just putting a blob (or an 'X') of paste on the CPU only. That way, when you tighten down the rig with the'll get a good spread automatically. The amount of paste should be a little less than a pea. These are just my opinions - of course.

    As far as the power connectors for the fans, I hooked my 2 fans up to connectors on my Motherboard (P8P67 Deluxe), but I know there are solutions like this one:

    -Hope this is helpful.
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