Prolimatech Megahalems i7 2600k - Idle 43 deg.

Hello all,

So my computer is finally, mostly, together. I have started it up and the first thing I did was look at temperatures for a little while to make sure nothing goes out of control. I feel my initial cpu temperatures are too high with the setup I have.

First off here are my specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K

CPU Cooler: Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B

CPU Fans: Cooler Master 120mm Case Fans (x2 fans)

Motherboard: MSI Z68a-GD65 (B3)

Case: Lian Li K63 Mid Tower

PSU: Antec High Current Gamer Series 750W

Now, this is the first time turning on the computer and I went straight to check temperatures to find the average was about 43-46 deg C. I know that the thermal compound sometimes needs a bit of time to cure by heating up and cooling off a few times, but it still seems higher than it should be. I used the thermal compound that came with the Megahalems, not sure what it was exactly, but I don't think it is Prolimatech's PK-1 as it is not stated on the tube, but maybe it is?

A couple things with the thermal compound. First, when I put some on, it came out all of a sudden a bit faster than anticipated so I put on a glob in the middle that was just a little larger than a cooked grain of rice, maybe a piece and a half, or close to two. Secondly, I applied the compound exactly a week ago and just today turned it on for the first time, so basically it had been sitting for a week without having been turned on.

I feel the idle temperature is too high for initial boot up, but I could easily be wrong and maybe this is normal.

Any advice would be much appreciated,

Thank You
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  1. I noticed one post in that thread stating that temps are shown as higher in BIOS. I should have specified that the 43'C. temperature was in the BIOS on my initial boot, possibly because the CPU is running at a higher capacity than what would be considered "Idle" after the OS is installed, (which I haven't done yet).
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    The CPU isn't actually idling in the BIOS, and it cannot go into low-power idle mode until it's fully booted into Windows. You have nothing to worry about, so continue with setup and installation.
  3. Thanks, 'Leaps-From_Shadows,' looks like I'm in good shape, for now.

    I was wondering what other people have had for BIOS Temperatures with the Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. b and the i7 2600k installed? I'm interesting in comparing temperatures with people that have similar setups, and what thermal compound or application techniques were used.

    Thanks again
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  5. Similar set up:

    Prolimatech Super Mega w/2 Prolimatech 140mm fans
    Asus Z68 Pro motherboard
    Coolermaster 932 advanced case
    Corsair 850 W power supply

    New system, just built over the last few days. First try I used Prolimatech thermal paste that came with the cooler and followed their instructions to coat the cpu and heatsink with spread thermal compound. Installed and tested and temps with no activity (I was in the BIOS and it may be creating some activity) and my core temp was 46 degrees. FAIL! Pulled the heatsink and WAY TOO MUCH paste used. Cleaned everything up really good and moved on to try again.

    This time I used AS5 and followed their instructions to the letter, tinning both the cpu and heatsink and using a 1mm line between the cores. Booted up and went into bios ( the same as the first try) and my core temp was between 19-23 degrees. been running for a few days now and with normal activity, never goes over 27 degrees.
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