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My mobo has a setting called Performance Enhance, it allows me to set performance to either Standard, Turbo or Extreme. However, I'm not really sure if it does anything. How can i check my cpu clock speed in real time ?
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  1. 'Performance Enhance' is one of the Gigabyte 'great unknowns' (at least - so far as I know... :ange: ) I do know a few things: first, it does not directly affect your CPU clocking, (at least - not the clock frequency :whistle: ); second, I assume it does something, somewhere, to some set of latencies. The reason for this assumption is the fact that we find, when overclocking, or pushing up memory frequencies, that it is necessary to set it to 'standard' to get stability. The mystery is which latencies - the actual memory latencies are cleanly and clearly set in the BIOS (or, by your SPD, if it happens to work); the northbridge latencies are set by the memory multiplier 'strap' selection (at least, on most 775s - your NB doesn't happen to use 'straps' :ouch: , and is also 'immune' to the widespread GB USB 'pickiness'...); and that doesn't leave a lot of candidates. Unfortunately, although GB makes great MOBOs, they (a characteristic they share with, pretty much, everyone else 'in the channel') have marginal documentation, and even crappier support, exacerbated by the language barrier - so we may just never know... I keep thinking I'll put off one of the machines in my 'build list', and stick the money, instead, into a good logic analyzer, to try to get a handle on some of these more arcane questions...

    There are any number of hardware monitors:
    CPU-Z is probably the most widely used -
    32-bit here:
    64-bit here:

    and you'll find a long list here:
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