Nvidia 8800GTS or ATi Hd4850

Ok basically i am getting a new vga. Either i will get the hd 4850 or the 8800gts.

I know the 8800gts has slightly lower performance but it has Physx for it which is nice. So which one should i get?

Hd4850-$115 CAD

8800GTS-$110 CAD

*after tax
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  1. Physx is only good for afew games and blowed up Vantage scores .. Ati runs the games just as well or better without it.. your powersupply need to be looked over to decide if you can run these cards or all you will get is reboots /BSOD/hard freeze..

    You may even be able to run a 260GTX if the supply can take it..
  2. yeah i know FOR SURE my psu can handle those cards probably crossfire em too.

    I got a OCZ 700W StealthXStream
  3. Ok.. I don't know the different in U.S. and CAD but here in the states a 4870 is about $130-140 and a 4850 is about $110-130 so i would go for the 4870 as it would pwn both of those for the same price point.
  4. The sad thing is that there is a big difference here in CAN and tbh hd 4870 is like atleast 160-ish while the hd 4850 is much less.
  5. I'm an nVidia guy, but as much as I hate to say it, I think the 4850 is the best option for you. Physx aren't really going to help much.
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