Repairing a dead motherboard

i have a motherboard type m963g+ from pcchips with sis 963 chipset. the last time i usethat motherboard the system working as well no sign for error.after that i shutdown the pc and they shutdown normally.
next day i want to turn on my pc but the psu is working no beep code no post and the monitor is blank please help me how to repairing it
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  1. First of all, your problem may not be with the motherboard. What kind of PSU?

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  2. Could be anything from your power button on the front of your case to the PSU or everything could be fine with nothing broken and all you have is a loose connection.
  3. If you're saying your motherboard is dead, you can't repair it. If you've verified all it needs is a new BIOS chip because the old one got corrupted, you might be able to fix it but I doubt that that is what the problem is.

    It's socket 478 with a slow bus and DDR 400. Any new budget board for Intel or AMD cpu would be better than your 478.
  4. Even though a lot of it really applies best to brand new builds, please do go through the checklist.
    Your motherboard is quite old. It is entirely possible that it (and/or your PSU) has been brought low by failing capacitors. Please Google "bad capacitors" for links on the subject, including images.
  5. It could be the PSU. Try another PSU that you know works, or use a PSU tester. As for repairing a motherboard, if you notice any visibly damaged capacitors or other electronic components you can replace them if you're good with a soldering iron :D.
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