ECS A740GM-M supports Phenom X4 9650 ?

well i have ECS a740gm-m MOBO working very nice with athlonx2 4800 on dual DDR2 800 croshair xms2 with ATI 4650 128 bits 450watss PS.. but it lag too much when i play a bit heavy games like crysis even on 800-600 :fou: .. one of my friend told me to upgrade my processor so i wanna know should i buy phenom X4 9650? or do i have another better choice..?
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  1. You are restricted to 95w processors. Even though it's not listed, I would try the 435 Rana tripple core at 2900 hertz. Newegg has it for $87 shipped. To find out what motherboard version you have, use cpuid, a free download. Version 7.1 is most likely to work with this cpu. The quads in the 95w range are actually slower.
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