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okay.. i have 2X1GB ddr 2 667 bus rams running in my pc(i have 2 slots in the motherboard)....i game a lot. i am getting a new core two duo with 3 mb cash (my current one is a dual core with 1 mb). as im doin one upgrade, i though why not do a bit with the rams as well? So i am planning to change one of my 1 gb sticks with a 2 gb stick.....now i don kno too much about "symmetric-asymmetric" running of the ram settings..somewhere i read that its better to run rams symmetrically in dual channels.why is that?! coz what common sense tells me 3gb should always be better that a 2gb, no matter how its running!
so what do u guys think? what would be best for me?

another qus is what is a page file mem? i guess it has something to do with the virtual mem, aint it? i also read somewhere its better to keep it as low as possible.mine shows 622mb @ idle... is it much for my pc? -

intel e7500 @ 2.93 ghz
rams 2X 1gb ddr2 667mhz
Mobo - gigabyte g31m s2L
GPU ati HD 4850
PSU 420w thermaltake. (one of the reasons i want to switch to a 45nm cpu)
Running an XP 32 bit. I might upgrade to windows 7 soon.

i appreciate all ur kind answers.thanks.
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  1. Unless you're getting some kind of page file messages, I would leave it at the settings windows has selected. I tried lowering the page file setting once, and noticed no difference in performance. For ram, I would look for some used 2x2gb kits on craigslist or anandtech for $50-60 instead of getting a single 2 gb stick. Then you'll stay in dual channel mode, and be ready if you change to a 64 bit windows version someday. And you can sell your 2x1 gb sticks on craigslist for $30-35.
  2. nah..im not getting any errors though...so i ll keep it as it is ryt now..now another qus arises is should i even upgrade the 2.8ghz dual core (overclocked) to a 2.93 core two duo?! its gonna cost me a good $130..is it even worth it?!
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