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hi, im trying to unistall my video card by using device manager but wen i click on device manager nothing pops up. even if i click it a thousand times stil nothing wod pop up
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  1. Generally, you should uninstall your GFX card driver via Add / Remove programs.
  2. well if your going to take it out, just power off your pc and take it out, if there are software then use add/remove programs, if you have onboard video, it will automaticly set that as defalt when you boot
  3. thanks much for the reply. i also have a next prob. my AOC screen is not working i was trying to go to screen menu and tried to select image distorion and edit trapezoid, pin balance and parallelogram but its not its all in 100 values and i cant adjust it. i can adjut other options like luminance, image set up and all but not IMAGE DISTORTION PART OF THE MENU! huhuuhuh. pls hellppp!!!!!
  4. what is an AOC screen?? lol
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