Reinstallation of Windows XP on Dell Dimension 4550

I just reinstalled windows xp on my dell dimension 4550, no I am unable to get on the inernet. Now I have no sound and I cannot get onto the internet to download from Please help
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  1. Unless you have a dell recovery cd, you'll need the lan driver from dell to get going. With the lan device working, you can let windows do a search for the other device drivers for your dell motherboard. Or you can use another system to burn a cd with the dell drivers, or buy a cheap pci lan card with driver to get online.
  2. download from a friends pc and put it on a flash drive, then install into you dell
  3. plus now your on the net, orelse you wouldent be able to open a thread, lol, get a flash drive and download them to the drive, you can get cheap ones for like $10
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